Protecting Yourself Starts with You

Broadly speaking personal protection refers to an individual personally taking measures to ensure their safety from either an occupational hazard, environmental hazard or during recreational activities which may include sports. Each area of activity has it’s own way of offering personal protection and exists in many forms.

It may so happen that the recreational center or workplace may not completely be covering all protection measures, this could be due to an overall ignorance, lack of funds, faulty security regulating departments or other commercial conflicts. It cannot be stressed enough that safety should be the first priority and if that requires taking measures for personal protection on your own, it should be done.

Depending on the type of work or activity different types of protective wear are available. Usually these are still documented and regulated by each country’s own laws as only a relevant person can wear a specific type of protective wear otherwise it would be considered impersonation and false belief.

One of the most common forms of such protective wear is eye wear, these include eye googles of various designs and purpose as well as face-shields and masks that extend from the eyes to protect the entire face. These are usually used to protect eyes from splashes of chemicals, dirt and harmful flying objects as well as fumes. Protective eyewear is commonly found in use with chemists, scientists, doctors, dentists, construction site workers to name a few.

Skin protection is a very important point of consideration as well. Skin needs protection from natural elements such as sunlight when the work lifestyle calls for long hours in the sun. These include lab coats, gloves, aprons and full bodysuits. Skin protection offers protection from skin diseases, cancers, chemical agents, heat, radiation and many more dangerous hazards.

Hearing protection though not always considered crucial attributes to hearing loss when not taken in importance. In some sites there are sound proof and cancelling equipment and rooms but for personal protection measures earmuffs and earplugs are a staple to combat industrial noise that damages the eardrum and causes mental stress.

Protection and a barrier from airborne and breathing hazardous components come from the use of gas masks, mouth masks and respirators. These are mandatory in most fields as these are potentially dangerous and harmful components biggest entry portal is the nose and mouth. The use of protective wear in this aspect guards from airborne diseases, contagious diseases, chemical fumes, gases and small particles that can lodge in the lungs when inhaled.

Other protective wear means includes wearing bright and colorful lighted body suits or clothing apparel that allows wearers to be seen in crowds and vast spaces. Such examples include traffic police, roadside construction workers, people working at sea so that they can be seen from a distance.

It is not necessary that these means are restricted to spaces outside of the house, simple protection means like gloves should be used when using cleaning agents and chemicals at home, face masks should be used when working in dust filled areas or carrying out chores that causes the release of particles dangerous to inhale. Personal protection is every individual’s own right and a little research can help you find the best protective wear and means suitable for you.

Meanwhile, if you are after your own security and safety from persons or organizations threatening your life or property, Exclusive Protection bodyguards can provide you the protection and peace of mind that you need.