Situations When You May Need an Employment Solicitor

In any organisation setting, fair rules and regulations ensure that both the employer and the employees meet their end of the bargain as per the contract. Any discriminations can, therefore, culminate in disagreements, and for most people, settling the case in court has always been the better option. While in the court, without a licensed employment lawyer, your winning chances might be mitigated by far. Many employees and employers, however, still find no reason to have an employment attorney by them in case things go south. Examples are discussed below of situations that may force you to hire an employment attorney today.


Sexual Abuse by superiors or co-workers

This is one of the most committed offences worldwide in various work environments. Sexual Abuse might be in the form of actions or words spoken, but either way needs to be punished severely. Never be afraid to launch a complaint against a supervisor or fellow worker who tries to sexually abuse you during work hours.

Overstepping on your rights

Employees are benefactors to certain rights in any organisation; this may include overtime payment, safety rights, and pension/gratuities cover. Certain employers might seek to undermine such rights and, by doing so, implicating harsh repercussions on your side. Do your best to protect yourself by filing a case against any right you think may have been stepped upon intentionally at your workplace.

Infringement of one’s privacy

Privacy starts from the interview moment to when one retires or switches careers. Your employer should never go behind your back to check your private life. Doing this without permission subjects them to infringement of employee rights to privacy and can be punished in a court of law.

Employment solicitor responsibilities to their clients

Employment solicitors do more than just talking on your behalf in court. There are numerous responsibilities your lawyer should handle for your case to run smoothly. These tasks are best fulfilled when the client already understands them and looks upon the lawyer to fulfil them. The following are some basic tasks that your employment attorney should help you within the court of law.

  • Getting documents ready – It is true court processes can be a bit hectic, especially for first-timers. Knowing what is needed where and when can be confusing but not when you have an attorney to help. It is their duty to help you get your documentation right before presenting them in court in the needed order.
  • Ensuring fair ruling – Employment cases can go either way with the employer or employee winning. With a robust lawyer to help you, your chances of the fair ruling are augmented. The lawyer needs to represent you in court to their best level eliminating any room for error during the process.
  • Answer your questions and elaborate court terms – terms used in court may also be blurry to new faces in court. With no lawyer to help you, you may not be well represented, and this jeopardises your chances of winning. An attorney should assist you to understand every intricate detail to smoothen the court processes.

You should also be very keen on the type of lawyer you choose. There are very many fakes who might extort and make vulnerable your case. Seek recommendations from people you trust for the best suggestions to prevent time and money wastage.